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Is Sessions secure, private, and can I trust it?

Sessions is built on an encrypted Peer-to-Peer connection utilizing an extremely secure cipher suite.

Media is encrypted end-to-end (E2E) using WebRTC security protocols. Psychology Today does not mediate in the media exchange, which takes place through direct communication among Participants.

As Psychology Today does not intercept the media, it is not possible to record or to transcode the media or to make it interoperate with other RTC services.

Only the Therapist can let someone into a Session. The video call itself doesn't have a URL; only the Therapist's waiting room. If two Clients arrive in the waiting room at the same time, they are not able to enter the Session or see each other unless the Therapist grants access to the same Session.

When a Client enters a Therapist's waiting room while they are in an active session, they'll be notified and can be granted access.