Allowing access to your Camera and Microphone in Firefox (Mobile/Tablet)

How to enable Camera and Microphone access in Firefox if you are using the Browser/Web based version of Sessions on a mobile or tablet.

When you first use Sessions, you will be prompted to allow access to your Camera and Microphone - ensure you select While using the App at that moment:

If your camera or microphone is ever blocked:
  1. Select the Camera icon on the left of your search/URL bar.

  2. Change to Allow next to Camera and Microphone

  3. Refresh Firefox

If that didn't resolve the issue:

  1. Select the 3 vertical dots (menu icon) in upper right corner and select Settings:

  2. Scroll down to Privacy & Security and select Site Permissions.

  3. Ensure that both Camera and Microphone are set to Allow
  4. Restart Firefox.